Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dominic Rouse Joins Verve Fine Arts

I am delighted to annonunce that as of this week my work will be represented in New Mexico by the prestigious Verve Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe.

Earlier this year Jennifer Schlesinger, Verve's gallery director contacted me in response to a viewing of my DVD 'The Philosopher's Tomb' that I had sent the gallery some weeks previously. After requesting to see a small selection of my silver gelatin prints "in the flesh" the gallery offered me a contract which invites me to join the likes of Jerry Uelsmann, Kenro Izu, Huntington Witherill and Maggie Taylor in the Verve stable.

Verve offers a state of the art gallery space with large plasma screens showing a searchable datbase of represented artists' imagery. If you are in the neighbourhood do pop by for an infusion of fine art photography but if that isn't possible then a visit to their impressive website is also a worthwhile experience.

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You write very well.