Monday, July 30, 2007

Silvershotz Front Cover

Clive Waring-Flood, editor of Silvershotz, the International Journal of Fine Art photography, has selected my image 'Under construction' for the front cover of Volume 4 Edition which will go on sale on September 1st of this year price US$13.99.

Inside there will also be a ten-page article which will include a substantial folio and a review of 'The Philosophers Tomb' a 30 minute DVD produced to act as an introduction to my work. A short clip from Brooks Jensen's (editor of LensWork publishing) introduction can be seen on my 'myartspace' site. Click on the 'clapperboard' logo in the top right hand corner of the image display area to start the movie rolling.

Silvershotz is dedicated to the promotion of fine art black and white photography worlwide.
Subscriptions and individual edition numbers can be purchased online here

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