Sunday, April 1, 2007

Chimera Obscura

In over thirty years of making images I have never deliberately set out to create a decent image anymore that I have intentionally produced an indecent image as I do not believe that questions of decency play any part in determining an image's worth. Photographs are either well made or they are not.

For reasons that I am never able to fully explain, there are occasions when one or two of my images cause some of my fellow human beings to distance themselves for brief periods from the lure of reason.

I was recently invited to show a small selection of my work at The Seattle Erotic Art festival, one of which, entitled 'Chimera Obscura' was deemed too indecent for public display by MSNBC.

To see what all the fuss was about visit their blog site here

Censorship is even more indecent than the vulgarities that it can never prevent and with that in mind I humbly post the offending image here for you to judge for yourselves.

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